September 23, 2019

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PTSD Claims


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be severely debilitating, but because it is an “invisible” disability, many veterans do not pursue the disability benefits they have earned. The very nature of PTSD can make the process of pursuing benefits very difficult and discouraging. An experienced VA disability lawyer can help. In 2010, the requirements for proving PTSD changed, making it easier for veterans to claim service-connected PTSD disability benefits.

PTSD Requirements

In order to receive service-connected PTSD disability benefits you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a current diagnosis of PTSD
  • Provide a statement about the traumatic event (stressor) that caused your PTSD
  • The stressor must be related to fear of hostile military or terrorist activity
  • Have confirmation from a VA doctor that the stressor you recall supports a diagnosis of PTSD and is related to your symptoms
  • The stressor was likely to have happened under the circumstances of your service and there is no strong evidence that it did not

Change for Non-Combat Veterans

If you have been told that it is very difficult for a non-combat veteran to receive service-connected PTSD disability benefits, that information may have been based on the old rules. Prior to the change in regulation in 2010, it was more difficult for non-combat veterans to prove PTSD. Proof of the stressor was based on a combat veteran’s statement, but a non-combat veteran had to provide corroborating evidence that the stressor occurred.

The new rules have eliminated that requirement, so that non-combat veterans can get access to the benefits they need and have earned.

To learn more about PTSD disability benefits, please contact an experienced VA disability lawyer right away.

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