August 25, 2019

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Veterans Benefits Questions

How do I apply for veterans benefits?

You may apply for benefits by submitting an online application or sending it in through the mail. You can find information about your application options on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website.

Before you sit down to fill out your application, make sure you have the correct documents, including medical records, employment history, dependency records, and service discharge papers. A skilled veterans benefits attorney from can help you complete your application accurately and on time, and gather the necessary supporting documents to improve your chances at approval.

How much will my benefit checks be?

Every applicant who is approved for veterans benefits will be awarded a unique amount that is based on his or her specific situation and financial needs. Your attorney can help you in qualifying for veterans benefits and maximizing the amount of your award.

The VA will closely review your medical records to evaluate the impact of your disability or other issue, including the evaluation performed by a VA medical examiner. An additional allowance may be added on to your monthly benefits if you claim dependents.

What are my options if I’ve been denied veterans benefits?

Every applicant is granted the right to appeal a denial, but you’ve got to make sure you approach the appeal opportunity with a new strategy. Hiring a veterans benefits attorney who has worked with the VA for years can give you the edge you need to convince the powers that be that you are deserving of benefits. Your lawyer will walk you through the steps of appeal, starting with the first act of filing a Notice of Disagreement form.

What can a lawyer do to improve my chances for benefits?

No matter what type of veterans benefits you are working to get, an experienced VA lawyer can guide you through every aspect of the process to ensure your application or appeal is solid. Hiring a veterans benefits lawyer will help you understand the VA requirements so you can provide all of the information they need to approve your claim. At attorney can also help you present your case in a way that maximizes your benefit amount and minimizes the chances of delay or denial.

For personalized answers to your questions about veterans disability benefits, please search our database of VA benefits lawyers.